Source Testing

Emission source testing for criteria pollutants, toxic air contaminants and hazardous air pollutants from process equipment is a critical component of compliance determinations and emission factor development activities.  These testing requirements may involve detailed interaction with regulatory agencies to obtain test method and measurement approvals.  USEPA Test Methods and modifications to NIOSH/OSHA have been used in the sampling of stationary source emissions.

Our comprehensive testing and measurement services include:

  • RATA measurements for CEM systems
  • Visible Emission (VE) measurements
  • Open flare Visible Emission testing and gas sampling
  • Source testing for combustion pollutants (CO, NOx, VOC, SO2, formaldehyde)
  • Particulate matter (TSP, PM-10, PM-2.5) and metals emission testing
  • Control device VOC / NMOC reduction efficiency for enclosed flares and oxidizers

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